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19 septembre 2017 2 19 /09 /septembre /2017 19:27

Answers from the british editor Steven Quayle to the Nietzsche Académie’s survey. Steven Quayle, degree in English Literature, editor of Lexido.com EBook publishing house, is editor of "Complete Quotations of Friedrich Nietzsche".

Nietzsche Académie - How Nietzsche is important for you ?

Steven Quayle - As a guide to avoid mediocrity.

N.A. – « Nietzschean », what does it mean for you ?

S.Q. - To be what I am.

N.A. - Which book would you recommend ?

S.Q. - "Twilight"

N.A. - Is nietzscheism right or left politically ?

S.Q - Definitely Right.

N.A. - According to you, which authors are nietzscheans ?

S.Q. - Freud, Sartre, Jung, Foucault. Derrida, D H Lawrence.

N.A. - Could you give a definition of the superman ?

S.Q. - Human 2.0 The Natural Man.

N.A. - What is your favorite Nietzsche's quote ?

S.Q. - « Everything done out of Love is done Beyond Good and Evil » [quote from « Beyond good and evil »]

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